Important Basics about Viagra

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Viagra is a drug that can help or harm when taken. Before you take the drug, make sure you know when to take it, and how much to take. Your doctors knows best.


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Viagra has fast become on the most effective methods to treat erectile dysfunction. The drug has the ability to increase blood flow to the penis causing it to become hard. There are a number of reasons why men lose that ability to get an erection, like stress and various psychological factors. After taking the medication, men will experience an erection, but not immediately. An erection will usually last about four hours, after which the blood flow returns to normal and the erection is lost.

The drug can also benefit men who have suffered from congestive heart failure. It is possible that men will become more non-compliant with their medicine if it adds to their erectile dysfunction problems. The drug may motivate men to take their medication as prescribed by their physician. They will not worry as much that their medications will add to their erectile problems. There is no pain when using Viagra. It can be easily digested. Consult with your doctor before using the drug.


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